Best Autism Apps for kids on iPad, iPhone and Android in 2020

Best Autism Apps For iPad, iPhone and Android

Looking for a way to entertain and educate your children?

We compiled a list of the best autism apps for kids and adults with developmental difficulties. Available on iOS and Android these special education apps can help with communication, social skills and even problem solving.

These apps were designed for individuals on autism spectrum from toddler years up to adulthood. Links to the app developers’ websites as well as iTunes Store and Google Play had been attached for easy navigation. Some are free and some are paid.

Use the menu below to find the best section for your child.

Educational Apps for Autism

Educational apps for autism

This list of educational apps covers a variety of academic subjects. Autism read and write apps are also featured which help develop your Childs potential. Most of these apps are formatted to be played as games with the help of fun mascots.

Autism Education (AutEdu)

Categories: Educational, Behavioral Intervention, Autism Awareness

This great app is good for teaching communication between families and their child’s teacher to ensure harmonious home and school interventions. The child’s data help educators see a larger picture of their student’s life and behavioral patterns.

Autism iHelp – Sounds

Categories: Educational

Autism iHelp

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Accounting grad will help fellow feminine learners grow to be company leaders

When Emma Spoto imagines “accounting,” she photographs her father’s workplace for their household-owned catering corporation. He’s sitting at a desk reviewing gross sales receipts, costs for meals and supplies, and balancing the earnings.

Rising up on Very long Island, Spoto generally spent weekends pitching in with catering events. But while her culinary prowess has rarely prolonged over and above boiling pasta, the enterprise side of her parents’ do the job has constantly fascinated her.

“I’m a quantities person,” she explained. “I’m just a nerd who fell in like with accounting!”

Spoto joined the School of Administration in her sophomore year to significant in accounting with a concentration in administration data methods. She is one of two SOM seniors preferred for Poets and Quants’ Class of 2024 Most effective and Brightest Business Majors listing. She graduated May perhaps 10, but strategies to return to Binghamton in the drop to total her Grasp of Enterprise Administration.

All of Spoto’s activities – the classwork, an internship at Deloitte and serving as president of Binghamton University Ladies in Enterprise pupil firm – taught her that appreciating the own effect of her preferred occupation is just as critical as mastering the capabilities for the

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How to Be More Confident: 9 Tips That Work

The majority of us probably want to be a little more confident. A feeling of trust in your abilities, qualities, and judgment? Sign us up. The American Psychological Association defines self-confidence as “a belief that one is capable of successfully meeting the demands of a task.”

It can refer to a general sense of trust in your ability to control your life, or it might be more situation-specific. For example, you might have high self-confidence in a particular area of expertise but feel less confident in other areas. Research suggests that confidence is important to health and psychological well-being.

But cultivating and maintaining confidence isn’t easy and it’s an easy thing to lose when you feel like you’ve failed or made a mistake. That’s why actively working on building up your self-confidence is so crucial, it’s something you have to maintain. As cheesy as it sounds, you do have to believe in yourself!

“The doubt that comes with second-guessing yourself has both internal and external repercussions,” explains Hannah Owens, LMSW. “Confidence not only affects you and how you feel about yourself, but it also communicates to others that you are trustworthy and capable—which can be helpful both socially and at

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Development of Sustainable Power Generation Technology; Including Spacecraft & Other Advanced Applications: NASDAQ: ASTI

Ascent Solar Technologies Inc. NASDAQ: ASTI

$ASTI Headquarters

$ASTI Industries

$ASTI Manufacturing

$ASTI Solar is Flying with NASA

New Collaborations Spark Innovation in Sustainable Power Generation Technology: Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc (NASDAQ: ASTI)

Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc (NASDAQ:ASTI)

Recent testing and results have consistently exceeded expectations and outperformed alternative solar technologies when comparing degradation from exposure to the space environment”

— Paul Warley, CEO of ASTI

THORNTON, COLORADO, UNITED STATES , May 16, 2024 / — New Collaborations for Development of Sustainable Power Generation Technology; Projects Include Spacecraft with Advanced Solar Technology, Other Applications in Industrial/Commercial Construction and Consumer Goods: Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc (NASDAQ: ASTI)

For more information on $ASTI visit

 Leading Provider of Innovative, High-Performance, Flexible Thin-Film Solar Panel Technology.

 Specific Applications in Environments Mass, Performance, Reliability, and Resilience are Key Considerations.

 40 years of R&D, 15 years of Manufacturing, Numerous Awards, and a Comprehensive IP and Patent Portfolio.

 Products Used in Space Missions, Aircraft, Agrivoltaic Installations, Industrial/Commercial Construction, and Extensive Consumer Goods.

 Collaboration with the University of Stuttgart IGTE for the Development and Distribution of Sustainable Power Generation Technology.

 New Order of Thin-Film PV from Mega-Constellation Satellite Manufacturer

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Pulitzer Prizes in journalism awarded to The New York Times, The Washington Post, AP and others

NEW YORK (AP) — The New York Times and The Washington Post were awarded three Pulitzer Prizes apiece on Monday for work in 2023 that dealt with everything from the war in Gaza to gun violence, and The Associated Press won in the feature photography category for coverage of global migration to the U.S.

Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on Israel and its aftermath produced work that resulted in two Pulitzers and a special citation. The Times won for text coverage that the Pulitzer board described as “wide-ranging and revelatory,” while the Reuters news service won for its photography. The citation went to journalists and other writers covering the war in Gaza.

The prestigious public service award went to ProPublica for reporting that “pierced the thick wall of secrecy” around the U.S. Supreme Court to show how billionaires gave expensive gifts to justices and paid for luxury travel. Reporters Joshua Kaplan, Justin Elliott, Brett Murphy, Alex Mierjeski and Kirsten Berg were honored for their work.

The Pulitzers honored the best in journalism from 2023 in 15 categories, as well as eight arts categories focused on books, music and theater. The public service winner receives a gold medal. All other winners receive

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Learn to draw your driver in just seconds with these quick tips

Looking to draw your driver with consistency off the tee? GOLF Top 100 Teacher Mark Durland shows you how to in just seconds with these tips

Drawing the driver off the tee will maximize distance and lead to improved approach shots.

Getty Images

Welcome to Shaving Strokes, a series in which we’re sharing improvements, learnings and takeaways from amateur golfers just like you — including some of the speed bumps and challenges they faced along the way.

You know those infuriating misfires off the tee that you just can’t seem to avoid? If you’re like most amateurs, that means there’s a good chance you’re battling a slice with driver — plus some general inconsistency. You’re not alone. But it’s absolutely killing your golf score.

While there’s some debate in golf about how important it is to hit every fairway versus other aspects of the game, there’s no denying that, for the amateur golfer, having a reliable driver shot typically leads to better results.

golfer placing tee in the ground

This is the ‘optimal’ tee height for your driver, according to a Top 100 Teacher


Nick Dimengo

Instead of releasing the hounds to hunt down your ball from the rough or the woods — where you’re usually forced to hit punch shots and low-flighted shots that you don’t practice

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