Area journalists arrested in Atmore, Alabama, for grand jury tale

A newspaper publisher and a reporter have been arrested for publishing an short article that officers reported was dependent on confidential grand-jury proof — a shift that press-independence advocates are characterizing as an unconstitutional attack on the news media.

Publisher Sherry Digmon and reporter Don Fletcher of the Atmore News in southwestern Alabama ended up arrested previous week just after a tale by Fletcher disclosed specifics of an investigation into the area school board’s payments to seven former faculty-procedure workforce.

Digmon and Fletcher had been billed by the Escambia County district attorney with revealing grand-jury proceedings, a felony under Alabama law. They face up to five many years in jail.

Even though it is unlawful for a grand juror, witness or court docket officer to disclose grand-jury proceedings, it’s not a criminal offense for a media outlet to publish these kinds of leaked substance, presented the product was received by lawful signifies, authorized industry experts claimed.

Theodore J. Boutrous, an lawyer who has represented media organizations, called the Alabama case “extraordinary, outrageous and flatly unconstitutional.”

He explained the U.S. Supreme Court has frequently held that the To

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The best free language learning apps

Learning a second or third language can help you better navigate the world and thrive personally and professionally. But not everyone has the money for private tutoring or language lessons. Free language learning apps can fill the gap between your budget and your desire to learn teach you the linguistic skills to communicate in as many languages as you’d like.

These apps vary in their focus, technique, strengths, and weaknesses. Some offer comprehensive, easy-to-use lessons, while others provide practical experience conversing with foreign language speakers. We’ve put together a list of the best free language learning apps with options that span different fluency levels, time constraints, and ages.

1. Best Overall: Duolingo

Duolingo has become a big name in the language-learning space for a reason. And not only thanks to owl memes. Screenshot: Duolingo

Duolingo, while free, is one of the best language learning programs you can get, thanks to the number of languages you can pick up, and the app’s well-designed, bite-sized lessons. Duolingo aims to entertain while teaching, using challenges and game-like features to motivate learners. For example, you can earn gems by completing lessons—but you lose a heart every time you make a mistake. 

The app

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