How an EDLA interactive panel can transform the classroom

School districts recognize the benefits of interactive whiteboards — and demand for the devices is rising. According to Futuresource Consulting, more than 4.6 million interactive whiteboards and 10.4 million interactive flat panel displays are installed in K-12 schools worldwide.

Many teachers also use Google’s education suite (including Google Classroom, Google Docs and Google Sheets) to facilitate student learning and assignments. But until recently, Google Mobile Services (GMS) — which gives Android devices access to Google’s widely used apps and APIs — was not available for interactive panels or whiteboards.

That changed when Google introduced EDLA certification in late 2022. In this article, we’ll look at what it means for a device to be EDLA-certified and how the new compatibility is helpful for educators.

What is EDLA certification?

Google introduced the Enterprise Devices Licensing Agreement (EDLA) in 2022 as a way to allow larger Android devices (with screen sizes greater than 18″) to run Google apps and services natively. These enterprise devices include slot-in PCs, interactive whiteboards and interactive flat-panel displays.

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