8 Educational Apps for Android That Offer Smarter Ways to Learn

8 Educational Apps for Android That Offer Smarter Ways to Learn

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to learning. Often, it can take some experimenting to figure out which learning style works best for you.

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Whether you want to learn a new skill, practice personal growth, or find an extra resource for your studies, you can find apps that offer a fun and productive environment to enhance your learning experience. Here are the best educational Android apps that offer different ways to learn.

1. Kinnu

Kinnu makes learning fun using its game-like learning engine. You can explore a variety of fresh and invigorating topics on the app’s homepage, including positive psychology, ancient civilizations, psychoanalysis, and more.

Topics in Kinnu are constructed by learning pathways. As you complete new lessons, you’ll earn tiles that form a larger pathway. You can optimize how frequently you intend to learn and earn streaks. If you’re looking to learn in a fun and creative way, Kinnu is definitely an app to consider.

Download: Kinnu (Free)

2. Refind

If you enjoy learning from articles but don’t know where to find the right content for you, this app will be a great help. Refind gives you personalized content based on your interests from over 10,000 sources.

Before accessing your learning feed, you can choose from a broad range of topics organized into sub-categories. You can also subscribe to your favorite sources and create collections that work like Microsoft Edge collections.

Refind is a great app for keeping your knowledge organized as you learn. You can save highlights to store valuable insights and use the Reading List tab to save articles for later. Based on your spare time, you can choose to receive short or long articles or a mix of both.

Download: Refind (Free, subscription available)

3. Brilliant

Brilliant is a super learning app for math and computer science nerds. Whether you’re sharpening your brain or learning skills for studying, Brilliant offers a specialized learning method to enhance your memory and performance.

The app ensures you understand what you’re learning by prompting exercises throughout your lessons. This helps deal with information overload and allows you to apply your knowledge instantly. This approach is far more effective than bulk learning in schools followed by a final assessment.

Every exercise offers an explanation behind the answer, so you can learn from your mistakes. If you’re feeling competitive, you can also earn XP and compete against others in a weekly leaderboard.

Download: Brilliant (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. Knowable

If you want to up your personal development skills, Knowable is a great app to help you grow stronger every day. Leadership, productivity, and EQ are just a handful of topics you can learn from to benefit your personal growth.

Knowable makes learning on the go easy using its podcast-style learning clips. There’s no need to rely on an internet connection to learn—you can download podcasts for offline listening. You can also modify the playback speed of podcasts which can be a useful productivity hack.

Knowable is a great app to learn from professionals, create a startup, or work on general personal development.

Download: Knowable (Free, subscription available)

5. MasterClass

MasterClass offers an expansive library of videos from the world’s leading experts in all topics, from entertainment to business, and more. All content is fresh—you can turn on notifications to receive updates for new events and releases.

On the Home tab, you can explore a variety of new and popular content, with courses crafted by professionals in their field. Sessions offer an alternative learning approach to traditional online courses, with the opportunity to work through projects and receive guided feedback.

Before enrolling in a course, you’ll get an insight into the key areas covered in the What You’ll Learn tab. There are also trailers for each course, so you know if you’re starting the right course for you, as you need to pay to access them.

Download: MasterClass (Subscription required)

6. Deepstash

Deepstash offers bite-sized insights from a wide selection of articles, podcasts, and books. The Home tab features snippets of wisdom taken from acclaimed books and other resources. Information is presented in a feed, making Deepstash a great alternative to social media.

You can personalize your feed during the set-up process by selecting your favorite topics. You can also follow other creators who share similar ideas. Ideas from your feed are based on a user’s highlights from a book or other resource, making Deepstash an app built by its fans.

Every idea displays the number of reads and includes options to save and share its contents. You can collect similar ideas using Stashes to organize everything you learn. To view content from one topic, head to the Discover tab where you’ll also find daily picks and collections.

Download: Deepstash (Free, in-app purchases available)

7. Skillshare

Skillshare is an online learning platform with thousands of courses spreading across all difficulty levels. This is a great app for creatives, with skills covering animation, graphic design, and photography. You’ll also find a range of classes on other topics if you’re not the creative type.

On each course page, you’ll see its difficulty rating and reviews from other students. You can also discover projects from other users to see what people have created from the course.

With Skillshare, you don’t have to worry about losing the content you’ve learned. You can save classes, create lists, and use the Watch History feature to repeat valuable lessons.

Download: Skillshare (Free trial, subscription required)

8. Mentorist

Do you want to gain knowledge from books without reading them in full? Mentorist is a book summary app offering powerful insights for your personal, social, and professional development.

The Explore tab features popular and recent releases from best-selling authors. Every book summary has a reading and listening option. If you’re using the reading option, you can highlight and take notes as you learn.

Mentorist ensures you take action from your learning with its Action Points. This feature outlines practical steps you can take using the theories discussed in the books. You can add them to your Daily Focus—a self-made action plan of steps to take with the option to set reminders.

Download: Mentorist (Free, in-app purchases available)

Learn Your Way Using These Apps

Rather than sticking to the traditional methods you were taught in school, try some new methods to enhance your learning experience. Finding new ways to learn can have a great impact on your personal and professional life. Try out these apps and discover a more efficient way to learn.

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