Community Wellness launching cost-free online learning system

Starting subsequent month, courses on all the things from widespread bacterial infections to appropriate pool maintenance will turn into accessible for services providers and much more

Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph General public Overall health is launching a new on the net understanding system up coming thirty day period to boost community overall health schooling across the area. 

The absolutely free programs will cover a vary of health and fitness and protection subjects, from popular bacterial infections to suitable pool routine maintenance. 

“It’s substantially likely to make improvements to the accessibility of the education that we have here,” said WDGPH operations director Phil Wong for the duration of Wednesday’s Board of Wellbeing conference. 

“We do a good deal of in-human being workshops and education. A whole lot of people, they just can not just take time off do the job to come into the wellbeing unit or meet up with someplace to do a program,” he mentioned. 

The programs will be asynchronous and digital, which means individuals can deal with them every time, wherever, and transfer at their possess speed. They will also be cell-welcoming, so contributors have the alternative of utilizing a laptop or computer, tablet or phone to entire them.

The initial

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Present day dad and mom are turning to Lingokids play-finding out application

Absent are the days when young ones ran out into the neighborhood cul-de-sac to kick about a ball and perform hopscotch on the lawn. It’s 2024 — we’re dwelling amongst the iPad era.

Most American kids shell out involving five to 7 several hours a day staring at a monitor, according to the Nationwide Library of Medication. In response, moms and dads are frantically looking for ways to preserve their young children engaged and understanding — but with the enable of their children’s picked platform — modern engineering.

Cristobal Viedma was a person of the to start with pioneers in the world of children’s discovering apps, deciding to build his very own system right after finding that the application marketplace desperately lacked specialized early childhood studying equipment. Viedma launched LingoKids in 2015, based mostly on the “playlearning” solution — a principle that training should really be satisfying for youngsters, and assist them find out gentle skills, such as creativity, compassion, and innovation in addition to extra educational curriculum.

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LingoKids partnered with Oxford

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Teal Raises $8M to Create Accounting Infrastructure for Enterprises

Teal raised $8 million in seed funding to create its accounting infrastructure for vertical application-as-a-services (SaaS) firms.

The company’s APIs and tools make it possible for these companies to make their have accounting suites to supply to their little- to medium-sized business (SMB) clients, Teal explained in a Monday (Might 20) press launch.

“Having led Bench Accounting, the biggest bookkeeping service for SMBs, for a decade, I saw firsthand the limits of standalone accounting application that is not integrated into the rest of a business’s core system,” Teal Co-founder and CEO Ian Crosby said in the launch.

Crosby founded Teal in 2023 soon after serving as CEO and co-founder of Bench Accounting and as head of economic solutions at Shopify, in accordance to the launch.

Teal aims to give an accounting solution that vertical SaaS organizations can supply directly in their platforms to build a financial hub that enhances engagement with their other economic services items like payments, invoices and banking, the release claimed.

The company’s suite of instruments allows these companies to launch their accounting platforms in as small as 4 weeks, for every the launch.

Katie Reiner, companion at Torch Capital

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10 Quantum Computing Applications & Examples to Know

Quantum computing (QC) has often felt like a theoretical concept due to the many hurdles researchers must clear. Chief among them is upping the number of qubits, or the units of information that these impressive pieces of hardware use to perform tasks. Whereas classical computer “bits” exist as 1s or 0s, qubits can be either — or both simultaneously. That’s key to massively greater processing speeds, which are necessary to simulate molecular-level quantum mechanics.

10 Quantum Computing Applications to Know

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Better batteries
  • Cleaner fertilization
  • Cybersecurity
  • Drug development
  • Electronic materials discovery
  • Financial modeling
  • Solar capture
  • Traffic optimization
  • Weather forecasting and climate change

But quantum computers are inching closer to reality, thanks to Microsoft focusing on another key issue. Microsoft and Quantinuum have figured out a way to check qubit errors without altering a quantum computer’s environment, signaling a new era in quantum computing

Quantum computers have a reputation for being unreliable since even the most minute changes can create ‘noise’ that makes it difficult to get accurate results, if any. The discovery by Microsoft and Quantinuum addresses this problem and reignites the heated race between top tech companies like Microsoft, Google and IBM to conquer quantum computing.    


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San Francisco journalist called out by Dave Chappelle as a PC ‘snitch’ speaks out: ‘I was that snitch’

Comedian Dave Chappelle slammed a local San Francisco-based journalist during a set for criticizing his previous jokes.

“I was that snitch,” SFGATE senior culture editor Dan Gentile wrote in a piece last week. Gentile claimed that he was in the audience when Chappelle had “stopped a joke short, pivoting to how hard it is to be a celebrity because there’s always one snitch in the room.” 

Gentile recalled how Chappelle opened his show “by talking about how he got in trouble with the ‘local news’ in 2023 for a joke about how San Francisco needed a Batman. The ‘local news’ was me.” 

Throughout the article the writer complained about Chappelle allegedly using slurs and politically incorrect jokes he deemed offensive in numerous ways, as well as the fact he was unable to record them, having to rely on “frantic under-the-table scribbling.” 

In 2023, Chappelle told a story about dining in San Francisco, where he saw a homeless person defecate in front of the restaurant just as he entered. The comedian argued at the time that San Francisco had devolved into a “half ‘Glee,’ half zombie movie” and argued that the entire city had become like the Tenderloin, a San Francisco

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“So we brought these players together”: a qualitative study of educators’ experiences to analyze the challenges of creating an e-learning program for neuropalliative care | BMC Medical Education

Of 12 educators, 10 agreed to participate in the evaluation. These included six from palliative care and four from neurology/neuropalliative care backgrounds. One was a nonclinical researcher. Four were from the USA, five were from India, and one was from Europe. Of the educators, three identified as mid-career and seven as senior faculty, ranging from 6 to 33 years of experience. Nine of ten reported an academic affiliation and all reported association with a teaching hospital.

The themes identified were as follows: (1) Bridging the global gap; (2) Getting everybody on board; (3) Defining the educational scope; (4) Investing extensive hours of voluntary time and resources; (5) Benefiting within and beyond the curriculum; (6) Understanding the learner’s experience; (7) Creating a community of shared learning; (8) Adapting future teaching and learning strategies; and (9) Envisioning long term sustainability.

Bridging the global gap

Educators agreed there is a need for education and training in neuropalliative care, though they noted worldwide there are few palliative care courses or the courses are limited to specific health systems or diseases. Educators noted online education and training help to disseminate information to a larger community, as there will be a greater demand for palliative care

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