Beginner Tips For Jungle In LoL


  • Learning how to jungle in League of Legends can be made easier by utilizing the Practice Tool to practice clearing camps safely and efficiently.
  • Focus on killing the big monsters in each jungle camp, as it not only heals the jungler but also eliminates the biggest threat.
  • Trust your jungle companion to finish off low health monsters, allowing you to start walking to your next camp and maximizing efficiency.

The Jungle role is arguably the most unique in League of Legends with players engaging in PvE combat with jungle monsters, instead of heading to lanes to farm minions. With how different the role is and how scary the jungle can appear, it is no wonder newer players find the prospect of jungling too daunting.


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Season 13 of League of Legends has seen drastic changes to the jungle, impacting the meta and introducing some new faces to the roster.

As with any experience in League of Legends though, the learning process can be streamlined with the help of useful tips, which once taken on board will help players realize just how fun jungling can be.

Updated January 16, 2024 by Joe Grantham: League of Legends is a game with incredible depth, meaning new players taking their first steps in the jungle have a myriad of things to learn about the role. Players who are gaining confidence in the jungle also have plenty to learn and may have missed some vital tips and tricks in their introduction to the role.

As with everything else in League of Legends, the jungle is also constantly evolving, and the 2024 season has brought about changes to the objectives in the Baron Pit, which naturally affects junglers most. Junglers will also have to find new gank paths as there are significant changes to the map, especially around the entrances to lanes.

Practice Killing Jungle Monsters In A Safe Environment

League of Legends Master Yi

The Practice Tool available in League is exactly that, a tool that should be utilized. It provides players with a safe and controllable environment in which to practice a whole range of skills, which for junglers includes clearing camps safely and efficiently.

While elite junglers spend plenty of time in the Practice Tool fully optimizing their clears, beginner jungler should focus on getting used to fighting each unique camp of monsters and navigating to the next one. After clearing the entire jungle once, the player can then reset the game using the Practice Tool UI to go again immediately. As each champion clears differently, this tip can also be used when trying out new junglers.

2 Focus On The Big Monsters

Killing The Big Monsters In A Camp Heals The Jungler & Eliminates The Biggest Threat

League of Legends Warwick

Certain jungle camps, namely Krugs, Raptors, and Murk Wolves contain multiple monsters that can all be killed for more gold and experience. However, the large monsters within each camp are the most important and should be focused for two main reasons.

First of all, when large monsters are killed, players receive a heal which if low can come in extremely useful. Secondly, if a player doesn’t have time to kill an entire camp before they are needed elsewhere, as long as the large monster is killed, the smaller ones will naturally die after a small amount of time. Although the player won’t get the extra gold, the camp will now level up and respawn in a few minutes, ensuring the player has a better farm in the future.

3 Trust Your Jungle Companion

Jungle Pets Will Finish Off Low Health Monsters

League of Legends Lilia

Jungle Companions have one purpose and that is to help players farm the jungle. Anytime a champion attacks or is attacked by a jungle monster, their pet will strike back, healing the player for a portion of the damage dealt. With this consistent source of extra damage and healing, there is less to worry about when low on health.

Other than the main benefit of keeping junglers’ health bars topped up, knowing exactly how companions work can be extremely useful. For example, the fact that a pet will attack two times after a player stops hitting a monster means that junglers can start walking to their next camp, trusting their pet to finish off low prey, which is more efficient.

4 Play Tanks And Other Easy Champions At First

Limiting The Variables Is The Easiest Way To Learn A New Role

League of Legends Maokai Splash Art

Learning how to play jungle is not easy in League of Legends, and like learning anything in the game, it is easier when fewer variables are changed. For this reason, it can be a good idea to play easy champions at first while learning how the jungle works.


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Tanks with point-and-click-Crowd Control for example can be particularly easy, first of all because they are unlikely to die in the jungle even when invaded, and second of all because ganking becomes a lot more simple. Plenty of other easy junglers exist, and players might opt to play a champion they are familiar with from other roles, as long as they are viable in the jungle.

5 Learn Spawn Timers

Knowing Where To Be & When Is Key For Junglers

League Of Legends Champion Nocturne

The jungle and the map as a whole are dictated by timers, and being aware of when camps or objectives are due to spawn will help in all games. First of all to be learned are the initial spawn timers, followed by how long they take to respawn after being killed, all of which are shown in the table below. A lot of this information, especially for objectives and more important camps, can also be seen on the minimap or the scoreboard by pressing TAB. This is just one of the reasons why players should press TAB more in League​​​​.

Camp or Objective

Initial Spawn Time

Respawn Time

Wolves and Raptors



Krugs and Gromp



Red and Blue Buff



Scuttle Crab


2:30 (after both are killed)



4:00 (once if killed before 9:45)




Rift Herald






Elder Dragon

6:00 after a team claims four Dragons


6 Identify Lanes To Gank

Enemies With No Mobility Or Summoner Spells Are Easiest To Gank

League of Legends Jarvan IV

Ganks are one of the best ways to snowball and get ahead, but identifying suitable targets can be tricky. The first thing to do is look for enemies that are either immobile, squishy, lacking Summoner Spells, or pushed up too far. Some champions also have annoying mechanics, such as Vladimir’s pool, which make them particularly hard to gank.

After finding an enemy who is susceptible to death, the next thing to consider is whether you and your teammate have the necessary catch potential, Crowd Control, and damage, to result in a successful gank. In the case of allies who have excellent gank setup, ideally lots of CC, even slippery opponents can be caught.

7 Don’t Gank Losing Lanes

Ganking Strong Enemies Often Backfires, Instead Play For Winning Lanes

Rammus Rolling Through Summoner's Rift

Part of the jungler’s job is to help their team and this help will often come in the form of ganks. The aim of most ganks is to either get kills or at least force enemies to use key summoner spells like Flash. Unless the enemy jungler or a roaming laner turns up for a counter-gank, a numbers advantage is made which usually results in success.

However, if a lane is already losing heavily, an attempted gank may turn south and potentially end in a double kill for the opponent. Instead, it is better to focus on winning or neutral lanes, which can provide win conditions for the team. Alternatively, if no lanes present welcoming opportunities or if the jungler’s champion has good scaling, they can prioritize farming and securing objectives like Dragons.

8 Use A Sweeper When Ganking

Check Whether You Are On Vision Before Wasting A Gank

The official Splash art for League of Legends champion Vi

To get themselves or their teammates ahead, junglers will want to attack and kill enemy laners but ganks generally only work if the target doesn’t know what is about to hit them.


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In League of Legends, knowing how to make full use of Vision and Wards is vitally important.

Other than avoiding natural pockets of vision like lanes, junglers can switch out their own ward in the shop for an Oracle Lens, which can then be used to sweep bushes for enemy wards. This can be done for free and junglers will often start off the game with an Oracle Lens. Control Wards can also be bought and used for the same purpose, but note that only one can be placed on the map at any given time.

9 Enemy Jungler Top? Take Dragon

Trading Objectives Is A Safe Way To Stay Even


Knowing when to take Dragons can be difficult for beginner junglers, and as no situation within a game of League of Legends will ever be the same it is a skill that simply requires experience. That being said if the enemy jungler appears in the top lane, for example, the Dragon on the bot side should be relatively easy to secure.

Alternatively, if the enemy jungler or their team is ever spotted doing the Dragon and you can’t contest, now is the perfect time to take the Voidgrubs or Rift Herald if it has spawned.

10 Understand How Voidgrubs Work

The Newest Objective Offers An Incremental Buff

League of Legends Voidgrubs

Replacing the first Rift Herald, Voidgrubs are the latest neutral objective to land on Summoner’s Rift, and how they work isn’t at first apparent to new players. At the 5-minute mark, three Voidgrubs spawn and when any one of them is attacked, they will all spawn small Voidmites and attack in unison. When a Voidgrub dies, any remaining grubs gain a shield, so players should always be ready for this. If all three are killed before the 9:45 minute mark, then three more will spawn after four minutes.

For each Voidgrub slain, up to a total of six, the entire team gains a permanent incremental buff that makes attacks burn structures for extra damage. However, if a team can kill five or six Voidgrubs, then those tiny Voidmites will also spawn and run at structures for even more damage. This means that sometimes even just killing two Voidgrubs is good, as it denies the enemy team any chance of killing five or six. The first Voidgrub killed also gives a lot of XP, making it a worthwhile investment for junglers who want to reach level 6 quickly.

11 Play On Mute

Junglers Often Get Blamed For Everything

League of Legends Amumu

Due to the ability to influence every part of the map, jungle is regarded as one of the most important roles in League. The downside to such potential power is that teammates tend to have unrealistic expectations of their jungler, so when things go wrong they are often the first to be blamed.

As such it is a good idea to mute the chat and focus on the game, and if players get aggressive with their pings too, these can be muted as well. Thankfully for players starting in League, the chat is now set to off as a default, so new players might not even have to change anything.

12 Take Lane Farm When Nobody Else Can

Gold & XP Is Always Good

League of Legends Hecarim Splash Art

Some players new to the jungle role can fall into the trap of thinking that lane minions are no longer for them, and while this is true most of the time, there are situations where it is not only okay to take the farm, but beneficial.

For example, any time there are minions that will die to the tower and no ally is around to take them because they are dead or elsewhere on the map, then take the farm. Additionally, if you gank a lane and both the enemy and your ally die, then it can often be a good idea to push the wave into the enemy tower, as this will deny the enemy and reset the wave. This is a good tip for laners, too.

13 Start Topside To Surprise Enemies

Most Beginner Bot Laners Won’t Expect An Early Gank

League of Legends Fiddlesticks terrorizing a soldier

Most beginner junglers will start on the bot side of the map for the simple reason that two allies from bot lane can help out with the first camp, rather than just their top laner if they start on the top side. While sticking to bot side starts might be recommended at first though, players wanting to take their jungle skills that next step further might consider sometimes starting top side.


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Doing so will enable them to surprise the enemy bot lane by pathing down. If players aren’t looking to gank, this might still secure them an easy bottom Scuttle Crab, as their opposing jungler is likely pathing up for the top side crab.

14 If Monsters Scare You, Play Ivern

Ivern Doesn’t Fight Monsters, Making Him Easy For Beginners

Ivern Playing In The Forest

For players who find the prospect of fighting jungle monsters too daunting, there is always League’s friendliest tree, Ivern. Instead of fighting and killing his forest friends, Ivern simply clicks on the camps and frees them in return for gold and experience.

Each time Ivern takes a camp he sacrifices a set amount of HP and mana, and if he doesn’t have enough the action cannot be completed, meaning players will never die from simply farming. Besides providing an easier way to farm the jungle, Ivern is also the only enchanter jungler, offering players a more supportive way to play the role.

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