Best education apps on Android in 2023

Best education apps on Android in 2023

Thanks to the internet, we now have an indispensable knowledge sink at our disposal. And with the rise of mobile devices, there are no barriers or restrictions to learning, which is why education apps include one of the most popular apps on Android to date. Whether you’re looking to pick up new skills, get homework help, learn to code, or practice another language, there are apps out there for you. And if you’re vying for apps that include basic, intermediate, or advanced levels modes of learning, you will find plenty available that work on just about any trusty Android tablet. But to quickly sort out the amateur-designed learning apps from the list of professionally-endorsed educational apps, we’ve created this roundup to bring about all the best learning and education apps you can find on the platform today — “knowledge is power,” after all.

1 Memrise

Learning a new language can open up a brand new world for anyone. This language learning app offers 19 beginner and intermediate-level options; languages include Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, Japanese, Norwegian, Swedish, Turkish, and Yoruba. Each session guides you through new words and phrases to get familiar with their pronunciation and spelling. In addition, you can keep track of learned words and review them as needed.

Memrise is free and ad-supported; however, subscription options are available for those who want to remove ads and unlock all content and features, such as “Learn with Locals.” With this feature, you gain access to thousands of videos from native speakers and a test at the end of each one. Luckily, there’s a similar “Immerse” section for free accounts. Each day, you’ll get a new stream of short video clips with subtitles, and you can switch back and forth between your native language or the language you’re learning. However, these clips don’t include knowledge checks.

2 Coursera

Many of the best universities and colleges in the world offer courses and programs on Coursera. The app is designed to work in tandem with the website so that you can enroll in courses, watch video lectures, and complete assignments no matter where you are. There’s a wide range of courses in subjects such as business, computer science, data science, math and logic, social sciences, and much more. With the ability to download full courses and individual lectures, the app makes it easy for anyone to fit education into their busy schedules.

Some Coursera programs offer a certificate upon completion; however, this requires a monthly subscription. If this isn’t in your budget, there is financial aid available to those who qualify. You can audit a course for free if you aren’t interested in earning a certificate, but you won’t be able to submit assignments or take exams. It is also possible to set up study reminders to ensure that you don’t slack off. Whether you’re looking to explore a new hobby, prepare for a new job, or further your education, the Coursera app provides a flexible and engaging way to do so.