Development of Sustainable Power Generation Technology; Including Spacecraft & Other Advanced Applications: NASDAQ: ASTI

Ascent Solar Technologies Inc. NASDAQ: ASTI

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New Collaborations Spark Innovation in Sustainable Power Generation Technology: Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc (NASDAQ: ASTI)

Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc (NASDAQ:ASTI)

Recent testing and results have consistently exceeded expectations and outperformed alternative solar technologies when comparing degradation from exposure to the space environment”

— Paul Warley, CEO of ASTI

THORNTON, COLORADO, UNITED STATES , May 16, 2024 / — New Collaborations for Development of Sustainable Power Generation Technology; Projects Include Spacecraft with Advanced Solar Technology, Other Applications in Industrial/Commercial Construction and Consumer Goods: Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc (NASDAQ: ASTI)

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 Leading Provider of Innovative, High-Performance, Flexible Thin-Film Solar Panel Technology.

 Specific Applications in Environments Mass, Performance, Reliability, and Resilience are Key Considerations.

 40 years of R&D, 15 years of Manufacturing, Numerous Awards, and a Comprehensive IP and Patent Portfolio.

 Products Used in Space Missions, Aircraft, Agrivoltaic Installations, Industrial/Commercial Construction, and Extensive Consumer Goods.

 Collaboration with the University of Stuttgart IGTE for the Development and Distribution of Sustainable Power Generation Technology.

 New Order of Thin-Film PV from Mega-Constellation Satellite Manufacturer

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10 Quantum Computing Applications & Examples to Know

Quantum computing (QC) has often felt like a theoretical concept due to the many hurdles researchers must clear. Chief among them is upping the number of qubits, or the units of information that these impressive pieces of hardware use to perform tasks. Whereas classical computer “bits” exist as 1s or 0s, qubits can be either — or both simultaneously. That’s key to massively greater processing speeds, which are necessary to simulate molecular-level quantum mechanics.

10 Quantum Computing Applications to Know

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Better batteries
  • Cleaner fertilization
  • Cybersecurity
  • Drug development
  • Electronic materials discovery
  • Financial modeling
  • Solar capture
  • Traffic optimization
  • Weather forecasting and climate change

But quantum computers are inching closer to reality, thanks to Microsoft focusing on another key issue. Microsoft and Quantinuum have figured out a way to check qubit errors without altering a quantum computer’s environment, signaling a new era in quantum computing

Quantum computers have a reputation for being unreliable since even the most minute changes can create ‘noise’ that makes it difficult to get accurate results, if any. The discovery by Microsoft and Quantinuum addresses this problem and reignites the heated race between top tech companies like Microsoft, Google and IBM to conquer quantum computing.    


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Infineon Technologies Introduces New PSOC Edge MCU Family Heightened for ML Applications

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

May 16, 2024

Image Credit: Infineon Technologies

Munich, Germany. Infineon Technologies AG introduced its new PSOC Edge MCU family consisting of the E81, E83, and E84 heightened for machine learning (ML) applications and delivering a scalable range of performance, features, and memory possibilities. The three MCUs support a variety of peripheral sets, on chip memory, hardware security features, and a variety of connectivity options including USB HS/FS with PHY CAN, Ethernet, WiFi 6, BTBLE, and Matter.

The PSOC Edge E81 utilizes ARM Helium DSP technology, while the E83 and E84 leverage the Arm Ethos-U55 micro-NPU processor providing a 480x enhancement in ML performance when juxtaposed with general Cortex-M systems. All solutions support the Infineon NNlite neural network accelerator for ML applications in the low-power compute domain.

Ideal applications for the PSOC Edge E8x are Human Machine Interface (HMI) in appliances and industrial devices, smart home, security systems, robotics, and wearables. The E83 and E84 MCUs deliver advanced competences for HMI implementations, including ML-based wake-up, vision-based position detection, and face/object recognition. The PSOC Edge E84 series adds low-power graphics display (up to 1028×768). All three support voice/audio sensing for activation and control.


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Implementing sensor technology applications for workplace health promotion: a needs assessment among workers with physically demanding work


Workers with physically demanding work may be exposed to various occupational hazards when performing their daily work activities. During the past decades, many studies have shown that exposures such as pushing, pulling and heavy lifting [13], bending and twisting [1], adopting awkward postures [2, 4], long working hours [57], shift work [8], job control [9, 10] and exposure to occupational noise [11] and hazardous substances and fumes [12, 13] are linked with occupational health outcomes, such as work-related musculoskeletal disorders [2, 4, 10], hearing loss [11, 14], cancer [12] or cardiovascular disease [5, 6, 11, 12]. Certain occupational hazards impose increased risks for occupational injuries, illnesses or other adverse health outcomes which can result in unsafe work practices [14] and productivity loss [15]. When workers are affected by illness or injuries, this may result into (long-term) sickness absence [1, 3, 8, 9, 13], work disability [16] and premature exit from
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The Impression of Cellular Apps on Day-to-day Lifetime: How Technology is Altering the Way We Live | by AppVin Technologies | May well, 2024

AppVin Technologies

In chopping-edge fast-paced international, cellular apps have emerge as an crucial aspect of our day by day life, revolutionizing the way we communicate, operate, hold, investigate, and entertain ourselves. With the advent of smartphones and enhancements in generation, the accessibility and ease and comfort furnished by way of the usage of cell programs have remodeled quite a few components of culture. Appvin Systems, a leading innovator in the app advancement marketplace, has performed a substantial perform in shaping this digital revolution.

Cell applications have transform out to be an essential a element of our every single working day life, reshaping the way we interact, artwork, and navigate the place round us. With the visual appeal of smartphones and the proliferation of app outlets, these digital procedure have transformed from mere novelties to significant utilities. In this virtual age, the effects of cellular apps extends far further than consolation they have acquired revolutionized conversation, streamlined obligations, and distribute out new avenues for satisfaction and efficiency. As we delve into the profound have an influence on of cell apps on ordinary lifestyles, it is far obvious that individuals small portions of program program method wield considerable strength in shaping our present-day lifestyle.

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Beyond Information Creation: 16 Impressive AI Purposes

There is no doubt that a single of the best tech subject areas currently is leveraging generative artificial intelligence to generate content material. From marketing emails to proposals to bespoke graphics to program code, GenAI is streamlining procedures in various industries and in several ways. Shoppers, too, are discovering their possess creativeness via GenAI resources.

But information creation is not AI’s only specialty. There are a lot of other programs for AI that can make a huge productivity, system and expense-conserving effects for businesses—and even support critical social endeavors. Under, 16 members of Forbes Technological innovation Council focus on AI apps that businesses and the community ought to know about and explore.

1. Predictive Analytics

Providers should use generative AI and data equipment for forecasting, employing previous details to foresee tendencies and refine their strategies. Predictive analytics is important for industries such as finance, logistics, health care and retail, as it boosts details managing and precision. Centralizing info boosts precision and performance, forecasts consumer wants and reveals alternatives. Appropriate knowledge oversight is crucial. – Murtaza Amirali, DataPillar

2. Developing Instructional Products

There is a big prospect for education and learning services to use organic language processing equipment to

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