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Summertime is a wonderful time to experience your bike, regardless of whether you are looking to get some workout or commute sustainably. Learning a little bike routine maintenance, understanding the procedures of the road and currently being ready can enhance your summer biking. 

Get ready for your bicycle experience

Standard bike servicing is a little something you can do on your very own, and it can enable stop costly repairs or mishaps. Right before you ride, do the ABC Fast Examine:

  • Air: If you can quickly squeeze your tires, they require to be inflated. Verify for the PSI printed on the side of the tire. They will lose air over time, even when just sitting about, so check them before each and every trip.
  • Brakes: Glimpse at the brake pads and make sure they are aligned with the rim and do not rub the tire. Pull both equally brake levers and make sure you have at minimum a thumb-width of area concerning the brake lever and the handlebar.
  • Chain: Pedal the bicycle backwards and hear for squeaking. If it’s noisy, it’s time to oil the chain. Drip bike-chain oil on to the chain and wipe off any surplus oil to avert it from attracting dirt.
  • Fast: If your bicycle has fast-launch wheels (with a lever on the hub of your wheel), make guaranteed they are closed effectively. The lever should really be tight plenty of to leave an imprint in your palm when you close it. Alternatively, if you really don’t have quick-launch, make positive your wheels are tightened. Most wheels get a 15 mm wrench.
  • Check out: Test for anything loose or rubbing, particularly all over the brakes and gears. Equipment and brake levers ought to be tight. Also, make positive your handlebars  and seat are restricted and centered.

If you see troubles with these checks, have a bicycle mechanic examine it out. If you are on campus , you can pay a visit to the UMC bike station.

If you are intrigued in mastering even much more about bike repair service and routine maintenance: 

Know the guidelines of the highway

As a bicycle owner, you have related obligations to motorists on the road. Here are some guidelines and reminders:

  • Usually stay on the appropriate side of bicycle paths and bicycle lanes.
  • Move on the remaining with care, and announce that you are passing another person by indicating “on your left” or making use of a bell. Make sure what ever you use is obviously audible.
  • Sign your turns, just as you do when driving a car or truck. A left arm straight out alerts a remaining turn, and a suitable arm straight out indicators a proper transform.
  • Trip sober: Colorado’s DUI statute consists of bicycles less than its definition of “vehicle,” so you can get a DUI for biking underneath the influence.
  • Lighten up: Boulder needs all cyclists driving concerning dawn and dusk to experience with a mounted front light and rear purple reflector.

Shield your bicycle from theft

Simply because 96% of bikes stolen on campus use a cable lock or no lock at all, it is advisable you use a higher top quality U-lock to keep your bicycle secure. Make positive the lock goes by means of the frame of your bicycle, and not just the front wheel. Robbers can quickly clear away a entrance wheel and consider the relaxation of your bicycle. If you really do not have a U-lock, choose up a person for no cost when you trade in your cable lock at one of the bicycle stations all through ordinary small business hrs.

Also, be confident to sign up your bicycle if you haven’t already—this will enable law enforcement monitor it down if stolen.

Have a backup plan

Though we do our greatest to prepare for the sudden, it is very good to have a backup approach in scenario you get a flat tire or get caught in the rain. If you’re in the vicinity of a community transit route, all RTD and mild rail trains have bicycle racks. You could also use a trip share services or ask somebody to decide you up. CU Boulder offers a confirmed trip household to team and school who commute by bicycle and have unforeseen variations to their program.

If you’re planning to often bike a route exactly where those are not options, take into consideration finding out standard bike servicing skills to handle the minor matters that could possibly arrive up. 

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