Opinion | Fox News Remains an Aberration in American Journalism

The decision by Dominion Voting Devices on Tuesday to settle its defamation suit towards Fox Information is no question a disappointment to the lots of men and women who have been viciously demeaned and insulted by the network’s hosts around the a long time and who now won’t get to see people hosts writhe on the witness stand as they are compelled to admit their lies. But the settlement is also a lost prospect for the profession of journalism.

A six-7 days trial, specifically if it ended in a victory for Dominion, could have shown to the general public in painstaking depth what an abject aberration Fox has turn into amid American information companies. In-person testimony would have illustrated what the pretrial evidence experienced begun to clearly show: that Fox hosts and executives understood comprehensive very well that the conspiracy theories they peddled about the result of the 2020 election had been wrong, but they broadcast them anyway to hang on to viewers who did not want to listen to the truth. A decline by Fox, with a staggering destruction award, would have shown that its conduct was so remarkable and outrageous that it experienced to be punished.

Persons inclined

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