Palestinian Journalists Are Exposing How “Objectivity” Is Used to Silence Them

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Struggle and Solidarity: Writing Toward Palestinian Liberation

This is Bisan — and I’m still alive.

For over two months, more than 2.7 million Instagram followers have been rushing to check their phones for these words from Palestinian hakawatieh (storyteller) Bisan Owda. The 25-year-old filmmaker’s dispatches from Gaza under Israeli bombardment have captured the hearts of a global audience, etching into them the distinct way her eyes crinkle when she smiles and the shine of her braces.

Since October 7, the Gaza Strip has suffered relentless bombing and an escalation of the vicious blockade enforced by the Israeli occupation and the Egyptian military dictatorship. Per the reports from the Gaza Health Ministry, the death toll has reached a figure unprecedented in 75 years of occupation: surpassing 20,000 Palestinians — and counting.

Amid this violence, Bisan started posting daily video updates when she could catch internet connectivity, capturing life under fire as a Gazan. Her videos present stark realities, from her first sip of clean water after days of thirst, to heart-wrenching scenes of rubble and torn limbs of her people. In time, Bisan donned a PRESS vest and transitioned into a reporter for various non-mainstream news

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Right after Exposing The FLDS Church, Mike Watkiss Retired From Journalism

Image credit history: Mike Watkiss / Instagram

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The new documentary “Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey,” which explores an underground cult headed by convicted kid rapist Warren Jeffs, is topping charts on Netflix.

Now, the dwelling disorders and bizarre policies used to members Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Working day Saints—once only legend to locals and church members—are out in the open up for all to examine.

And beyond the documentary producers, and the excommunicated church associates who brought us in this article, there is a single passionate, tricky-charging journalist you can thank for that: former newsman Mike Watkiss.

Who is Mike Watkiss?

Mike Watkiss is a retired tv journalist who invested 40 yrs staking out stars like Liz Taylor, O.J. Simpson, and Michael Jackson, according to a recent profile of Watkiss from Pheonix Mag. He was the LA bureau chief of A Present-day Affair, a well-liked tabloid television application.

He is an award-winning journalist.

While Mike Watkiss covered his reasonable share of sensationalized superstar information, he is an very very well-revered investigative reporter for the get

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