Street Fighter 6 beginner’s guide: tips by Big Bird

Street Fighter fans who keep up with the game’s colourful esports scene will no doubt already know the name Adel ‘Big Bird’ Anouche. The FGC pro has made a name for himself in competitions since 2012, within and far beyond his home in the United Arab Emirates. He, along with many others in the professional scene, will be making the move from Street Fighter V to Street Fighter 6. He’s currently gearing up for this shift.

Famously a Ken main with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the well-loved character, we asked him if he had any tips for getting to grips with the new-look Ken, along with up-and-coming Street Fighter players, as well as his feelings on the journey from Street Fighter V to Street Fighter 6.

Whether you’ve never touched a fighting game or have fond memories of arcade machines, the launch of Street Fighter 6 is a great time to get involved with the decades-long franchise. Big Bird’s affection is clearly directed at Ken; he’s been maining him for years, so his advice to new players keeps the various character designs and skill sets as key.

“Start with picking a character you like, design-wise, and learn their command

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