Goodbye to the age of rage: why Piers Morgan’s outrage journalism is flopping | John Harris

TalkTV is in trouble. Even with the hundreds of thousands Rupert Murdoch has invested in his newly introduced television channel, and the supposedly magnetic presence of Piers Morgan, its numbers have occasionally been so reduced that the formal broadcasting rating company has not registered a single viewer. Previous Wednesday, Piers Morgan Uncensored, the nightly showcase of debate and un-woke viewpoints supposed to be TalkTV’s centrepiece, was said to have captivated 24,000 persons, and then lost around 50 % of them, leaving it with an estimated viewers of 10,000.

Around at GB Information, the equally suitable-inclined chat-primarily based outlet that has survived its equally disastrous start, it was presumably pints of bitter and sausage rolls all round: that night its competing giving – hosted by the rather niche Canadian pundit Mark Steyn – reportedly gained the scores struggle with a princely original viewing figure of 54,000.

It was for analysis relatively than recreation that I watched Morgan’s demonstrate that night time. It was an underwhelming experience: a pretty long hour of the host influencing to be what Noel Gallagher once memorably termed “a gentleman with a fork in a earth of soup”, fuming about every little thing from the governor

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