Viewpoint | Journalism may perhaps hardly ever yet again make funds. So it need to focus on mission.

The us is struggling with various crises, most notably a radical, antidemocratic leader and movement controlling a single of its significant political events. America’s journalism business is also in disaster: Its regular funding sources are drying up, leading to mass layoffs.

Correct now, these crises aren’t that related. But they must be. The journalism business should reorganize itself to concentrate squarely on America’s crises, the two to aid the region and give itself a crystal clear mission and reason that could make it additional monetarily viable in the extended operate. We will need far more reporters reading environmental impact experiments and school-advancement ideas, with salaries funded by visitors who are effectively providing a tithe to democracy. And perhaps fewer journalists in soccer stadiums.

We are in the middle of one particular of the worst periods for the news company in my life time. The nearby newspaper sector has been collapsing for two a long time, because the internet began siphoning profits from print marketing. National print journalism and television had been carrying out a bit far better and then experienced a resurgence all through Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and presidency, which captivated the region and alarmed still left-leaning People

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A Positive Environment of Engagement and Retention in the Online Learning Environment – Faculty Focus

According to The Glossary of Education Reform (2016), engagement refers to the degree of attention, curiosity, interest, optimism, and passion students show when they are learning or being taught. Engagement can extend to the level of motivation students learn during the process of learning. Students inspired by learning trends and faculty guidance have the opportunity to be positively engaged in the online classroom.   

The online learning environment consists of a web-based learning atmosphere where student and faculty experiences and positions are located in separate geographical locations. Within an online learning environment, students will develop professionally and personally with a variety of experiences that empower, encourage, and engage each learner (Martin, 2023). Through the use of engaging techniques, it is possible (and essential) to create a positive learning environment across the distance!  

Student engagement in an online environment can be achieved through various forms of interaction, including behavioral, emotional, and cognitive formats (Hollister et al., 2022). Engagement itself is truly the glue that holds a positive teaching and learning experience together, and as a faculty member, it is our responsibility to provide an environment of positive learning and engagement for our students. Students who make a strong effort to understand the

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