How to be happy in a relationship: 12 tips for fulfillment

Discovering how to be happy in a relationship is not a process many people expect to go through when they first get together with a partner. But if you’ve hit a rocky patch and are looking to recover what you had, it’s important to know there is a way forward. 

There are so many benefits to be had coming out the other side as well, including the chance for deeper intimacy and a better understanding of each other. Going through a difficult period together and coming out stronger won’t only help you get on in day-to-day life but in the years to come. 

But actively working on a relationship when things get difficult isn’t something that many people naturally want to do, counselor and life coach Anna Williamson points out. “It’s really important to recognize that the relationship will never sustain that level of intimacy and excitement unless hard work is put in,” she says. “Relationships tend to come into problems a few years down the line because we’ve stopped prioritizing our partner. This means we’ve stopped checking in with them, stopped checking to see what makes them feel loved, what makes them feel valued and respected.” 

Whether you’re looking

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