Insights & Results: Nanowire networks and a galactic ‘bullet’ collision

This thirty day period, Insights & Results finds intriguing responses to scientific thoughts about underground nanowire networks, distant galaxies that lack darkish issue, and the link concerning psychiatric issues and immune procedure diseases.

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Get in line, galaxies

Above the previous 4 many years, Yale astronomer Pieter van Dokkum and his collaborators have identified a pair of galaxies, DF2 and DF4, that have small or no dim make a difference and are located in close proximity to every other.

This cosmic togetherness is no coincidence, according to a new research in Nature led by van Dokkum, the Sol Goldman Loved ones Professor of Astronomy in Yale’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences. The researchers say DF2 and DF4 — alongside with a handful of other galaxies — fashioned in a line after a “bullet” collision of two unique galaxies about eight billion a long time ago.

The researchers mentioned the colliding galaxies’ darkish subject — an invisible, theorized materials that emits no mild or electrical power — ongoing traveling by means of space, unimpeded. But star-generating fuel from

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