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Parents celebrate all kinds of milestones in their children’s lives. First steps, first words, and first foods, for example. One of the greatest things to experience as a parent is watching your children read their first words. Getting there, however, starts earlier than you’d think.

According to the Canadian Children’s Literacy Foundation (CCLF), developing early literacy skills is essential in setting your kids up for success in school. These skills also teach empathy and perspective, effective communication, and emotional and social resilience.

Nina J. Shukla, the director of the CCLF’s Early Words program, is also a registered speech-language pathologist with 15 years of experience. She says creating a language-rich environment for children starts at birth.

“That means engaging in early literacy activities,” she says. “Talking with them, being with them, and sharing books with them. That builds a language-rich environment and builds their language skills, which will help them grow up ready and with the foundational skills to learn how to read.”

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5 essential Warhammer painting tips everyone should learn

Whether you prefer the fantastical lands of Age of Sigmar or the grim dark future of Warhammer 40k, there’s one thing that all hobbyists can agree on: there’s nothing quite like a well-painted model. Indeed, many of us fell under the siren song of Games Workshop as kids, lured into hobby stores by the pristinely painted miniatures in the shop window (or at least that’s how I got into it). Even those who prefer the sound of rattling dice to the sound of a rattle can would admit it’s much more satisfying to march your legions against an opponent who’s bothered to get some paint on his toy soldiers over battling a tide of never-ending grey. 

The problem, of course, is that painting such small soldiers can be rather intimidating, even for those who’ve been in the hobby for years. Well, whether you’re an aspiring Golden Demon winner who’s just learning which end of the brush holds the paint or an older hobbyist looking to get back into the game, you’re in the right place. We’ve put together a list of five handy tips for painting Warhammer that every hobbyist should know before dipping their brush in a paint pot. 

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5 effortless strategies for supporting your kid learn how to journey a bike

Many of us nevertheless bear in mind the feeling of liberty and accomplishment when we hitched a experience on two wheels for the 1st time, but the viewpoint alterations when the roles are reversed and it really is time to train your baby to pedal.

How need to you do it and when is the appropriate time to get started?

In this short article we’ll guideline you move-by-move by means of the approach so that you and your little 1 have the greatest knowledge.

When to start off learning

Prior to imagining about obtaining a bike with pedals for your little one, you have to know if they’re completely ready or not to embark on this wonderful adventure. There is no proper or ideal age to master to journey a bike. The instant will rely on the bodily and psychological development of your little one, their degree of consolation on the bicycle, their coordination and, higher than all, their motivation to pedal.

A child’s harmony develops between the ages of two and 6, all through a time when they are discovering new floor and locating their adventurous spirit. As they get more mature, some turn into a very little far

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Do Educational Apps Actually Help Kids Learn? (Opinion)

The last few years have made clear that education may be increasingly infused with technology but that much ed. tech is disappointing and distracting. Heck, I spent a whole chapter in The Great School Rethink on this very point and on what it’ll take to do better. Well, that’s what makes a new meta-analysis by Jimmy Kim and Josh Gilbert so intriguing. Kim, a professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and Gilbert, a Ph.D. student at Harvard, dug deep into the research literature to figure out what we know about when and why apps actually help students learn. I think it’s fascinating stuff and asked if they’d mind sharing some of the takeaways. They were good enough to oblige. Here’s what they had to say.


Can educational apps really help children learn? It’s a question that has become especially relevant since the COVID-19 pandemic, when millions of students were forced by school closures into online learning. With the abundance of educational apps available, parents and teachers are wondering whether they are truly effective in improving student learning outcomes such as math or reading test scores.

Researchers often conduct randomized controlled trials, RCTs, to test whether an educational

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Authorities share ideas to support young children learn and get pleasure from math

To aid youngsters with math, college students and households have to have to sense at ease, self-assured and energized about functioning with numbers. 

That’s 1 of the crucial takeaways from two math education experts who took part in a are living on the internet dialogue on the matter Wednesday night. 

The webinar, “Solving the Math Issue: Aiding youngsters locate pleasure and achievements in math,” was offered by the Training Reporting Collaborative and co-hosted by The Seattle Situations Training Lab and Alabama Instruction Lab at

“There is arithmetic in each area of existence exactly where we have interaction,” said Elham Kazemi, a professor of mathematics training in the Faculty of Training at the University of Washington. Kazemi researches how teachers discover about children’s mathematical considering “and how those experiences assistance them acquire joyful and thriving classroom communities.” 

She and co-presenter Melissa Hosten, co-director for the Middle for Recruitment and Retention of Mathematics Academics at the University of Arizona, explained alternatives to engage college students in mathematical discussions can transpire everywhere, from the classroom to the back garden to the soccer discipline to the grocery retail store. 

College students experienced been generating incremental progress on countrywide math tests because 1990.

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Unlock savings on schooling merchandise: 10 foolproof, wallet-pleasant strategies to learn proficiently!

In modern rapid-paced, aggressive world, the worth of steady finding out cannot be overstated. The posting Unlock discounts on education products: 10 foolproof, wallet-welcoming ideas to study effectively! guarantees to be an vital manual for all those looking for to enhance their expertise with no burning a hole in their pocket. From leveraging on-line platforms to maximizing cost-free sources, this post presents a roadmap for price tag-powerful studying. Irrespective of whether you’re a pupil, specialist, or lifelong learner, these suggestions can assistance you realize your academic aims when generating significant personal savings on training items. Get ready to embark on your journey to economical and reasonably priced discovering!

Unlocking Worth in Studying Supplies

When it arrives to learning, there’s a veritable goldmine of sources offered that can aid you unlock significant price savings. The essential is figuring out where by to seem and how to use them efficiently.

Exploit the Potential of Electronic Resources

Electronic resources have become an a must have ally in the understanding course of action. They are usually more cost-effective, a lot more available, and a lot more adaptable than traditional learning elements. Internet websites, e-guides, on the web courses, and educational

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