Deep Learning with ArcGIS Pro Tips & Tricks: Part 1

Satellite imagery can contain a wealth of information, from the number of buildings in a city to the type of crops being grown in fields across the world. But extracting this data from an image is more complicated than working with vector datasets. Historically, to extract the buildings, or swimming pools, or palm trees in an image you would have needed to manually digitize each feature, a process that could take weeks or years depending on the size of the image. But with improvements in computing power and new, accessible tools for deep learning in ArcGIS Pro, anyone can train a computer to do the work of identifying and extracting features from imagery.

At the highest level, deep learning, which is a type of machine learning, is a process where the user creates training samples, for example by drawing polygons over rooftops, and the computer model learns from these training samples and scans the rest of the image to identify similar features. This blog post will be the first in a three-part series diving deeper into the process, starting with the software and hardware requirements to run a deep learning model in ArcGIS Pro.

Deep learning is a type of

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Learning for Peer Reviewers – CIHR

Conducting Quality Reviews Mandatory

This module is designed to provide peer reviewers with tips for conducting and writing high quality reviews at CIHR

Review the College’s Best Practices in Peer Review

Duration: 7 minutes

Mandatory, Review Quality


Bias in Peer Review Mandatory

This module is designed to promote an understanding of bias, how it can affect the peer review process, and provides strategies for mitigating bias during the review process.

Duration: 30 minutes



Option 3: Assessing Sex and Gender Integration in Peer Review Mandatory

This is one of three learning materials focused on sex and gender considerations. Complete the one module that best matches your methodological expertise. If your role does not require methodological expertise (e.g., knowledge user, patient), we recommend you watch this video.

This video is designed to promote an understanding of the difference between sex and gender and how they should be included in research proposals.

Duration: 5 minutes


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23 Fun And Learning iPad Apps For Toddlers

In today’s digitized world, each generation appears to be becoming more tech-savvy, with even toddlers using phones with ease. So, here are some iPad apps for toddlers to help you choose the right one. Even if you try to keep toddlers away from electronic devices, they will find a method to play their favorite games or apps by scrolling down the screen. Thus, the best thing you can do is provide them with apps that are educational, engaging, entertaining, and child-friendly. According to new research, iPads offer three unique features that can improve children’s early education (1). With many applications available, you won’t have any trouble coming up with new approaches to teach your toddler. You can install effective learning apps and turn your device into a cutting-edge teaching tool for toddlers. If you’re not sure what fun apps to get for your toddler, you can go through our list of high-quality apps to choose a suitable one.

Top 23 iPad Apps For Toddlers

1. PBS Kids Games

It is a super fun app for children under five years.


The app plays over 50 free learning games anytime and anywhere with PBS Kids characters. The app is full

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Online Language Learning Market Size is to Grow USD 37400 Million by 2030 at a CAGR of 18.1%

BANGALORE, India, Jan. 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Online Language Learning Market is Segmented by Type (Chinese (Mandarin), English, European Language), by Application (Institutional Learners, Individual Learner): Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2024-2030. It is Published in Valuates Reports Under the Category of Education.

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The Global Market for Online Language Learning was estimated to be worth USD 11520 Million in 2023 and is forecast to a readjusted size of USD 37400 Million by 2030 with a CAGR of 18.1% during the forecast period 2024-2030.

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Major Factors Driving the Growth of Online Language Learning Market:

A number of variables are coming together to drive the expansion of online language learning for English, Chinese (Mandarin), and European languages. Immersion language experiences are facilitated by technological improvements such as virtual classrooms and interactive platforms. Because of the increased interconnection brought about by globalization, there is a greater need than ever for language competence and for easily understandable cross-cultural communication. Powered by artificial intelligence and data analytics, personalisation and adaptive learning customize information for each student, increasing productivity. Online learning’s ease and flexibility dismantle conventional limitations and fit a variety of schedules.


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Hooked on Phonics review: Great tutoring app for learning disabilities

  1. Hooked on Phonics


    • Frequent glitches

    • Spotty customer service

For the past 35 years, Hooked on Phonics
(available at Hooked on Phonics)

has taught more than 35 million children to read. Now available as an app that includes lessons in reading, spelling, and math, more parents than ever are turning to Hooked on Phonics to supplement their children’s education, including parents of kids who struggle with a learning disability.

As the mother of a son who has a learning disability, I noticed that reading has never come easily to him. Yet, when I’ve turned to app-based learning for assistance, I found most educational apps to either be boring and unenticing, or too game-based to be educational.

Now that I have a new learner in the house in our kindergarten-age son, I decided to give Hooked on Phonics a try. Never having used this program before, would its guarantee to teach kids to read in just 30 days prove true? And better yet, would it be equally helpful in teaching my son with a learning disability to master this challenging skill?

What is Hooked on Phonics?

Hooked on Phonics is an app-based program designed for children pre-K through second grade. It’s

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