Surprise Reveals from Microsoft Azure Open up-Supply Day 2023

On March 7, Microsoft held Azure Open Resource Working day to showcase its devotion to open up source and emphasize the opportunity of open up resource applications in generating clever apps with enhanced speed and adaptability. The tech big introduced many updates from cloud-native apps to equipment studying basis products. 

The function kickstarted with a group of gurus from Github, HashiCorp, Microsoft, and Redis collaborating in a panel discussion. They mentioned the improvement of open source in software program, how it impacts computer software source chain and protection, and how new AI abilities may possibly have an impact on the upcoming of open up source.

Azure OSS Cloud Native’s company vice president Brendan Burns, vice president of communities of GitHub’s Stormy Peters, and director of Microsoft’s Open up Resource Technique and Ecosystem Sarah Novotny have been amid the panelists.

Essential Takeaways from the Event

Microsoft introduced a cloud-indigenous software that can help folks reunite with their dropped animals using good-tuned machine learning. The app rids you of the problem of printing posters by applying an innovative equipment discovering picture classification model, fantastic-tuned by the illustrations or photos on your digital camera roll. This machine understanding product has been

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Microsoft Word Accessibility Tips | Office of Digital Learning

Creating accessible Microsoft Word documents is relatively easy when you know what is required. Word also has a real time accessibility checker that alerts you to errors and provides accessibility warnings and tips.

Accessible Word documents should have the following features:

  • Proper heading structure
  • Properly formatted lists
  • Image descriptions (alt text) for all non-textual/graphical elements
  • Tables with header columns and rows (if present) specified
  • Images that are inline with the text (if saving as Word documents and not converting to PDF)
  • Descriptive hyperlinks (if intended for online delivery)

Using the accessibility checker in Microsoft Word

The Word accessibility checker indicates errors and warnings for items that may affect understanding or functionality for users with disabilities and provides and tips for making additional accessibility improvements.


Older versions (some versions of Office 2019 and prior):

Step 1: Click File

Step 2: Click the Check for Issues button and select Check Accessibility

[Figure 1] Screen clipping of the Info screen in older versions of Word with the Check for Issues button circled and an arrow pointing to the Check Accessibility option.

Recent versions (Office 2019 and more recent, Office 365):

Step 1: Click

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