Best Apps For Kids In 2023: Top 5 Educational Programs Most Recommended By Experts

Apps here, apps there, oodles of applications everywhere! Apps for children are not hard to find, but which ones really add value to a child’s learning and development? To find out, we referenced the top five consensus best apps for kids recommended by 15 experts.

Navigating kids and technology can be challenging. A recent survey of American parents finds that 58 percent believe the rise of technology makes parenting harder today than it was for their own folks. The majority of parents (68%) worry about how much they’re leaning on iPads or other devices, and 72 percent value electronics-free time with their child the most.

Balancing screen time with playdates and outdoor play may help offset harmful impacts. Research from Japan shows that daily living and socialization skills among young children are improved with time spent outdoors, and the negative effects of screen time can even be reduced by sending your kids outside to play. Certainly, screen time limits are needed, especially for toddlers whose brains are rapidly developing the skills necessary for lifelong functions.

Educational and learning apps make a good compromise. Another study finds that three-quarters of parents of kids ages three to seven use technology to help

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