Best online guitar lessons 2023: remote learning platforms for guitar players

Whether you’re an established guitar player looking to grow your library of skills and techniques, a total novice picking up the guitar for the first time or maybe you’re heading back to school or college and want to take your six-string skills to the next level, the best online guitar lessons can give you a major helping hand. There’s a huge choice of high-quality platforms out there, each providing its own unique set of features to help you master the instrument at home or on the go.

All online lessons services are accessible via your laptop, phone or tablet too – with some even available via a dedicated app – so you won’t even need to leave your home to start playing. For this guide to the best online guitar lessons, we’ve tested options for all skill levels and budgets and we’re recommending our favorites here – you’ll be pleased to learn that most platforms offer at least a 7-day free trial, enabling you to try a few before you sign up for a longer-term paid-for subscription. Commit to one of our choices and you’ll be licking and riffing like a true rock hero in no time.

If you want

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Bring back virtual learning for N.J. kids, these parents say as they rev up fight for remote option

On a recent Friday morning, Deanna Nye finished making pancakes for her three kids at their Bridgewater home and said it was time to prepare for the school day.

The kids — 10-year-old twins Tyler and Bailee and 15-year-old Trevor— gathered their supplies. But, instead of walking out the front door, they convened in their makeshift classroom in the kitchen.

With a whiteboard leaning against the wall and workbooks and worksheets sitting in piles, it looked like a scene from the early days of virtual learning that many New Jersey families endured during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Except in Nye’s home, where two of the children are immunocompromised, learning at home represents a lifeline, not a nuisance.

“This is the best thing for my kids,” said Nye, founder of New Jersey Parents for Virtual Choice.

While most of the state’s 1.3 million public school children have happily moved on from the days of Zoom classrooms and Chromebook lessons, a group of New Jersey parents is continuing the fight to bring back virtual options for students who have health problems or other issues that make it difficult to learn in person.

New Jersey Parents for Virtual Choice, a

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Report finds remote mastering apps gathered and sold kids’ info

In their hurry to hire on the net mastering as a COVID-19 mitigation technique, governments throughout the world exposed young folks to the threat of their individual information being collected and offered with no their consent. In a revealed on Wednesday, uncovered that numerous of the apps and products and services governments either instantly procured or advisable for distant discovering as recently as 2021 have been actively harvesting the info of young children or had been or else engaged in monitoring their routines.

In its research of 49 nations around the world, the nonprofit discovered that 146 of the 164 “EdTech” products used in all those sites reviewed employed facts tactics that either place the legal rights of younger persons at threat or actively infringed on them. People platforms possibly used or had the capability to use tracking technologies to check their young customers secretly and with out their consent or that of parents. What’s a lot more, their knowledge was usually bought to 3rd-social gathering providers.

Human Legal rights View observed 146 of the applications it reviewed instantly sending or granting access to the information of their younger users to 196 3rd-celebration providers, with the broad vast majority of

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Remote learning apps tracked kids for ads

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Millions of children had their online behaviors and personal information tracked by the apps and websites they used for school during the pandemic, according to an international investigation that raises concerns about the impact remote learning had on children’s privacy online.

The educational tools were recommended by school districts and offered interactive math and reading lessons to children as young as prekindergarten. But many of them also collected students’ information and shared it with marketers and data brokers, who could then build data profiles used to target the children with ads that follow them around the Web.

Those findings come from the most comprehensive study to date on the technology that children and parents relied on for nearly two years as basic education shifted from schools to homes.

Researchers with the advocacy group Human Rights Watch analyzed 164 educational apps and websites used in 49 countries, and they shared their findings with The Washington Post and 12 other news organizations around the world. The consortium, EdTech Exposed, was coordinated by the investigative nonprofit the Signals Network and conducted further reporting and technical review.

What the researchers found was alarming: nearly 90 percent of the educational

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Remote mastering apps despatched kids’ facts and behavioural info to advertisers

Thousands and thousands of children who applied remote learning apps throughout the pandemic have had their own info – and even behavioral information and facts – shared with advertisers, states a new report.

This involves apps which college students had been demanded to use by their educational facilities, states Human Rights Observe …

The organization investigated a whole of 164 applications and web-sites endorsed by governments throughout various nations around the world.

Governments of 49 of the world’s most populous countries harmed children’s legal rights by endorsing on the web finding out products during Covid-19 school closures without the need of sufficiently guarding children’s privacy, Human Rights Look at reported in a report released now […]

Of the 164 EdTech merchandise reviewed, 146 (89 percent) appeared to interact in facts techniques that risked or infringed on children’s rights. These items monitored or experienced the ability to keep track of little ones, in most scenarios secretly and with out the consent of children or their moms and dads, in lots of circumstances harvesting personal facts these as who they are, in which they are, what they do in the classroom, who their relatives and close friends are, and what sort of

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