Meet up with Puerto Rican Journalist Bianca Graulau, Showcased in Viral Undesirable Bunny Online video on Injustices in PR

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AMY GOODMAN: This is Democracy Now! I’m Amy Goodman, with Juan González.

We close today’s exhibit seeking at Puerto Rico and a growing dispute more than the country’s electrical grid. Puerto Rico’s economical oversight board has voted to increase a deal with LUMA, the private Canadian-U.S. corporation that took around Puerto Rico’s electric power grid, even however power failures have enhanced considering the fact that the non-public takeover.

Our future visitor is the independent Puerto Rican journalist Bianca Graulau. This is an excerpt of her documentary, Place of Blackouts. In this clip, Bianca speaks with Puerto Rican Representative Luis Raúl Torres about probable corruption inside LUMA.

BIANCA GRAULAU: [translated] LUMA admitted that the blackouts were being partly thanks to their failure to trim vegetation. The firm is in charge of slicing down trees that could interfere with the ability lines, and they did not do it on time.

GOV. PEDRO PIERLUISI: [translated] My tolerance is operating out.

BIANCA GRAULAU: [translated] This even with the actuality that LUMA has granted or prolonged million-greenback contracts to six businesses to present that

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