Online learning during the pandemic in Saudi Arabia


The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has presented a major challenge in all professional fields, including nursing, by greatly limiting human interaction. Furthermore, the pandemic hindered the ability to train future healthcare providers and, thereby, address insufficiencies in the nursing workforce. Many educational institutions have had to transfer their students to online learning platforms, while others have been employing a social distancing approach and decreasing the number of students sharing a single physical space.

Yet others have been adopting a hybrid form of learning by merging in-classroom and online learning approaches.1 Students frequently experience hindrances, such as those self-regulations in online learning. Conversely, educators are generally concerned about how technology is being used for teaching. Establishing appropriate online teaching resources and providing support to educators are the foremost challenges encountered by educational institutions.2 But there are concerns regarding the strategies that should be used for effective online teaching. For example, communication with students may be hindered by educators not being able to perceive their non-verbal reactions in tandem with the lack of techniques to engage students online.3

It remains unclear when COVID-19 will be eliminated. Nevertheless, the demand for nurses will continue to grow. Furthermore, nursing

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