Bulgaria expels Russian journalist as an alleged threat to national security

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Virtual learning compromised kids’ privacy and security

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Welcome to The Cybersecurity 202: The film “Midnight Cowboy” was released on this day in 1969, going on to become the only X-rated film to win the Best Picture Academy Award. 

Below: Opponents of Trump’s election lies prevail in Georgia’s GOP primaries, and the FBI worked around WhatsApp encryption to uncover an ISIS-linked plot to assassinate former president George W. Bush

Remote learning apps scooped up student information and shared it with third parties

There was also a cybersecurity consequence to virtual learning during the pandemic.

The distance learning apps that schools used frequently scooped up reams of information about students, dramatically undermining their privacy and security, an international investigation has found. 

The apps grabbed personal information, including locations, and tracked the online behavior of millions of students, my colleague Drew Harwell reports. Some apps also gained access to students’ digital contacts and cameras and recorded the keystrokes of students answering math and reading questions even before they hit submit. 

The Post is among 13 news organizations reporting on the investigation conducted by Human Rights Watch and the investigative nonprofit The Signals Network.

The findings are the latest evidence that educational

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