Wave vs. Zoho Books: Accounting Software Comparison

Going digital with business finances can make managing cash flow a lot easier. But different businesses have different needs, and no software is designed to meet every need at once. So, picking an accounting app becomes a matter of finding the right tool for the job.

Take Wave Accounting and Zoho Books. Wave is an accounting platform built for small businesses. Most users can leverage its core features — such as income tracking and unlimited invoicing — at no cost, simplifying responsibilities that may otherwise be difficult without a dedicated finance pro on the team.

Zoho Books is an affordable, end-to-end accounting tool and part of the larger suite of Zoho apps. It offers many of the advanced features and functions found in more expensive software, but at a price tag that’s more feasible for growing teams with tight budgets.

In this comparison article, we’ll compare the two, look at the advantages and disadvantages of both and suggest when to use one over the other.

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13 Best Invoicing Software for Small Business Billing (2024)

Whether you run a small business or are a freelancer, you already know collecting on-time payments is challenging.

Over 39% of invoices are paid late in the US – and 61% of late payments occur due to incorrect invoices.

Invoicing software is an addition to your current business software stack that allows you to generate accurate invoices, automatically follow up with clients, and conduct recurring billing.

Invoicing software goes hand in hand with your small business accounting software and helps make money online.

This article will cover the best invoicing software for small businesses, their features, pricing plans, and more.

Let’s get started.

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What is the Best Invoicing Software?

Here are my top picks for the best invoicing software this year.

1. FreshBooks.

freshbooks logo

Adam’s Take

Freshbooks is the best overall invoicing software because it’s easy to use and has many features. I recommend it for small businesses that want to automate their invoicing and payment process as much as possible.

FreshBooks is one

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A solitary software for a broad selection of programs

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Best online piano lessons 2023: Apps, websites and software for piano players

Piano lessons. Two words capable of striking fear into the heart of any child who’d much rather be playing football or hanging out with friends than struggling through a fumbling rendition of Frere Jacques in the presence of a stern-faced music teacher. Luckily, thanks to today’s technology, it no longer has to be such a daunting experience. If you want to learn piano – or have kids who do – the best online piano lessons deliver much more varied and palatable options for all budgets.

While many budding pianists head straight for YouTube to find lessons – it’s free after all, we get it – the vast amount on offer can actually hinder your progress. As videos can be uploaded by anyone there’s no guarantee as to the accuracy of the videos, the quality of the teaching on offer can be extremely variable, and finding a sensible path through your learning journey can be tricky. Plus, with so many to choose from, picking the right lessons can be a shot in the dark.

This is where the best online piano lessons services here come in. They combine the best of both worlds – the freedom offered by the internet to

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6 Best Accounting Software for UK Businesses in 2024

Choosing the right accounting software is one of the most pivotal decisions you’ll ever make as a business owner. With the right accounting service, your business can effectively manage your books, discover key financial insights and chart a path to business growth.

For most UK businesses, we recommend either QuickBooks Online, Xero or Sage 50 as the ideal accounting solution. To find out which, if any, of these solutions will work best for you, read on—we review six accounting software solutions for UK businesses of all sizes.

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Top accounting software comparison

Plan and pricing details up to date as of 11/30/2023.
*Price excludes VAT.
**One-month free trial or 50% off for six months.

QuickBooks Online: Best overall

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