Study Finds Teen Suicides Declined With Online Learning

Study Finds Teen Suicides Declined With Online Learning

(TNS) — Online schooling may have reduced suicide rates in LGBTQ+ teenagers in Dane County during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a study from UW-Madison’s School of Education, possibly because the school environment for some teens was harmful.

But suicide rates for LGBTQ+ teens are still two to three times higher than their cisgender and straight peers.

“I don’t want any other parent to ever, ever, ever feel like this,” said Dia Caulkins, whose child Graciella-Sawyer Caulkins-Feltz died by suicide in November.

Graciella-Sawyer, who was non-binary, was only 14 when they died. They loved the colors pink and yellow, and unicorns. They had just picked up photography, snapping photos of flowers, sunsets and ice cream. They cared about animals and had just started piano lessons.

They were also extremely kind and compassionate, almost to a fault, Caulkins said.

“They didn’t do this to hurt us, they did this because they couldn’t see a way out,” she said. “And we have to be doing more so that they have a place where they fit, where they’re accepted.”

World events such as the war in Ukraine and George Floyd’s death deeply affected Graciella-Sawyer. They stopped to talk with people

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