Training Ideas For Ships: Picking out E-Learning Media …

In the previous version of Teaching Tips for Ships we discussed the alternative of media for mastering elements and which media would direct to the ideal effects. Is it text? Photos? Movies? Interactive exercises and simulations? All as well normally it is claimed that interactive media with fancy (and highly-priced) graphics will deliver improved learning results. The reality is not virtually so easy. So, how do we select? It’s not challenging.

The initial concern we should really be asking is not just one of media selection, but instead is just one of learning outcomes. Do we want the trainee to internalize some information or a strategy? Or is it techniques or reasoning we are hoping to impart? These are very different studying objectives and diverse media styles will better guidance some goals than others. Let’s search at these in a little bit extra element.
There are quite a few approaches to categorize studying goals, but for our purposes I have damaged it into the adhering to four basic classes:

  1. Assimilation of know-how. Below we only have some info that the trainee requires to know. For example – what is the draught of the vessel?
  2. Have an understanding of a strategy. Here we are trying to educate how a little something will work. This goes beyond a record of info to generate an comprehension of how, for example, a piece of equipment operates.
  3. Be capable to accomplish a job. Right here we are trying to instruct the skill to get some thing finished, properly and effectively. Examples might be to launch a rescue craft or acquire a sounding.
  4. Be equipped to reason and make decisions. Below we are making ready the trainee to make selections and execute steps in response to novel circumstances.

Specified any education we would like to do, we to start with require to make a decision which of these types the training fits into. Let us consider donning a hearth accommodate as a single instance. Which of the over applies here? Though it could be argued that instructing this competency needs the accomplishment of all four understanding ambitions, they are not weighed similarly. In this situation:

  • There is a reasonable amount of know-how to find out – what the parts of the fireplace suit are, where by they are saved, how they in good shape jointly, and so forth.
  • There is a small bit of conceptual know-how required – these types of as how the suit guards against warmth.
  • The ability to conduct the process (don the match) is central, arguably equivalent in importance to the expertise of the parts of the hearth match.
  • And lastly, being equipped to explanation is not a significant prerequisite of donning a hearth suit. Certainly, there may be issues encountered even though donning or employing a match which consider some reasoning to resolve but are not likely the primary wanted outcome.

Wanting above, it appears the key studying plans for donning a fireplace fit can properly be regarded to be “Knowledge assimilation” and “Task performance”. You can use the very same method to get a common concept of the major understanding objectives for any competency.

As soon as we realize these learning outcomes, the process of matching media to the outcomes is rather clear-cut if we realize the strengths and limits of each. In simple fact, mentioned a small in different ways, for just about every of these understanding outcomes there are teaching approaches (or pedagogies as it is appropriately referred to) that will have strengths or constraints in reaching the preferred outcomes, and in lots of cases the choice of media is a direct end result of the pedagogy preferred.

But for our uses we will simplify a little bit and seem at how media selections match up to their wished-for learning outcomes. This will be the subject matter for the following edition of Teaching Ideas for Ships.

Right until then, thank you for reading through and sail safely!

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